Draw Prize Donated By Winner Team
Trip for 2 to Montreal VIA Rail Mike Mollins Seniors, Canadiens
BBQ Set Slowpokes Sandy Murray Brookfield Oldltimers
Tea Light Set Royal LePage Tim Barrieau Firemen Pickup
Cordless Drill Canadian Tire (Mtn Road) Sean Darragh Les Clark Auto Body
Brown Fleece Jacket InColor Ernie Gilken Prospect Road Oldtimers
Cordless Spot Light Royal LePage Keith Voutier Sydney Mines Ramblers
Boston Pizza Coupons and 2 hats Boston Pizza and Labatts Marc LeBans Dark Horses
Watch, Sunglasses and Jacket Slowpokes and Labatts Cliff Flanagan Bedeque Oldtimers
Wildcats Hat and Shirt Wildcats and Labatts Glenn Cordiner Eastern Shore Mariners
Car Mats Canada Tire (Dieppe) Rod McKinnon Goguen Champlain Insurance
Black&Decker Coffee Maker Slowpokes Kiver Read South Colchester Oldtimers
I Tech Face Shield Slowpokes Greg Johnson Bible Hill Americans 
Duffle Bag Royal LePage C Leger Warriors
Mastercraft Laser Jigsaw Slowpokes Ronald Desroches Gallant TV
Hockey Gloves Maritime Sports Steve Quigley Rusty Blades
Cavendish Fleece Jacket and Hat Cavendish Rejean Despres St Paul Millcraft Cabinet
Mini Hand Vac Slowpokes Gerry Maillet LJ Savoie
Tool Belt with Tools Slowpokes Danny McCarthy Truro Oldtimers
Golf Balls and Bud Light Shirt Labbats Chuck Larue Senior Leafs
Hand Mixer Slowpokes Jean Yves Poirier All Glass Sussex
Car Mats Canada Tire Dieppe Mario Belliveau Budweiser Antiques
Mazda Watch Mazda Mike Cassey Moncton Cougars
10 pc Screwdriver set Slowpokes Doug Vail Puckwackers
BBQ Set Slowpokes Chris Howell Cole Harbour Oland Hawks
Hat, Shirt, Gift Certificate, Dinner for Two Golden Eagle and Labatts David Savard Seniors, Canadiens
Labatts Jacket, Shot Glass and Tape Labatts Chuck Goss Fitchburg Oldtimers
Mastercraft Laser Jigsaw Slowpokes Vic Goguen Fredericton Oldblades
Hockey Bag Slowpokes Jake Caplin Dalhousie Moose Rangers
Midland Jacket and Hat Cavendish Alex Hanle St Andrews Senators
Golf Balls and T-Shirt Labatts Cameron MacDonald Masters, Flames
Jacket and Hat Focus Logistics Mike Freil Eastern Passage Hawks
Car Mats Canadian Tire Dieppe Pierre Cormier Les Avalanches de Dieppe
Wildcat Hat and Shirt Wildcats, Labatts Brian Young Halifax Ice hogs
Hat Flashlight, Blade Jacket Home Hardware Killam Dr Barry Nicholson Seniors, Rangers
Laptop Bag Royal LePage Dave Holliday Fredericton Stinkhorns
Hockey Shaft Slowpokes Lorne MacDonald Tignish CocaCola Oldtimers
Mini Hand Vac Slowpokes Ginette LeBlanc Moncton Blades
Adjustable Wrench Set Slowpokes Alan Flood Cavendish Maples Oldtimers
Underarmour Shirt and Hat Slowpokes Terry Shaw Perth Maroons
Alarm Clock and Hat Home Hardware Elmwood Dr and Labatts Roger Dupuis Black Shadow
Socks, Tape, Towel Slowpokes George Springer Masters, Victorias
labatts Hat and Jacket Labatts Armand Brun Cap Pele Avalanche
Mazda Watch Mazda Ron Boucher Les Bleu
Bauer Visor Slowpokes Krista Campbell Souris Lady Hawks 
Labatts T-Shirt and Golf Balls Labatts Manon Esau Truro Sport Shop Storm
Kit Bag Slowpokes Mike Whiteway H and M
Tool Belt and Tools Slowpokes Marc Saulnier Physiotherapie Tracadie Sheila
2 Tires Oliver Tire George LeBlanc Dynamic Towing Blues
Hat and Fleece Vest Royal LePage and Focus Logistics Gordie Rendell Labrador Huskies
Hand, Shirt and Skate Protector Labatts and Slowpokes Gary Armstrong Right Spot Ice Cues
Coffee Maker Slowpokes Nicole Heppel Red Wings
Laser Jigsaw Slowpokes Andrew Tanner Belliveau-Vienotte Old Pucks
Kit Bag Labatts Joe Kinch Cole Harbour Little Ceasars
BBQ Set Slowpokes Robyn Paradis Mother Puckers
Red Jacket and Hat City of Moncton Craig Carter Wilson Mountain Hydrophonis
Srewdriver Set Slowpokes Lloyd Shea Bernard Boat Haulers
Car Mats Canadian Tire Dieppe Floyd Gaudette Milton and Peter's Crew
Wrench Set Slowpokes Bob Giombetti Masters, Americans
Hockey shorts and Hat Slowpokes and Labatts Paul Cody Cape Breton Glass Cutters
Hockey Shaft Slowpokes Martin Gillies Belleisle Farms
Hand Mixer Slowpokes Brigitte Savoie Peninsule Acadienne
Screwdriver Set Slowpokes Rick Leger Wachusett Brewskis
Laser Jigsaw Slowpokes Richard Vinet Lafarge
Red Jacket and Hat Focus Logistics Phyl Tyler Leominster Leftovers
BBQ Set  Slowpokes Francis Arsenault Antigonish Old Dogs
Jigsaw Slowpokes Claude MacDonald Moncton Elks
Mini Hand Vac Slowpokes Brian Elks Seniors, Red Wings
Fleece Jacket and Hat Cavendish Jan Sullivan Dartmouth Alpines
Bud Light T-Shirt and Golf Balls Labatts Jocelyn Guillemette Seniors, Black Hawks
Glasses, Watch and underarmour Shirt slowpokes and Labatts Jacques Richard Allain Equipment
Hockey Shaft Slowpokes Luke Fagioli Sable Fish Packers
Srewdriver Set Slowpokes Ron Maplebeck VW Drivers Wanted
Bud Light Shirt and Golf Balls Labatts George Young East Hants Pine Grove
Coffee Maker Slowpokes Claude Richard Ecomdrive Netsurfers
Jigsaw Slowpokes Allen Morse Fundy Flukes
Fleece Jacket and Hat Westmorland Albert Solid Waste Arnold Landry Kensington No Stars Oldtimers
BudLight Shirt and Hat, Gift Certificate Labatts and Golden Eagle Larry Watt Moncton Golden Bears
Jacket and Hat Labatts Eugene Allard Masters, Senators
Red Jacket and Hat City of Moncton, Labatts Billy Gillis Reserve Oldtimers
Screwdriver Set Slowpokes Paul Boutilier Northside Vics
Wildcat Hat and Shirt Wildcats and Labatts Carr Lowell Masters, Maroons
Jigsaw Slowpokes Allen Byrns Investia
Red Jacket and Hat City of Moncton and Labatts Jean Marc Vautour St Ignace Flyers
Fleece Jacket and Hat Westmorland Albert Solid Waste Charles Osbourne Iceland Oldtimers
Screwdriver Set Slowpokes Mark Steen Saint John Moosehead Oldtimers
Hat, Golf Balls and Blade Protector Slowpokes and Labatts Victor Goguen Ye Olde Miners
Jacket and Hat Lounsbury Jim Ferguson Cole Harbour Oland Hawks
Back Pack Lounsbury Monika Cormier Peninsule Acadienne
Back Pack Lounsbury Tyrone David Eastern Shore Mariners
Wildcats Cat Tickets Labatts Kim Hill Moncton Blades
Wild cats Tickets Labatts Marc Leger Allain Equipment
Wild Cat Tickets Labatts Claude Melanson Goguen Champlain Insurance
Toaster Oven Atlantic Superstore Todd Parker Dartmouth Alpines
Wine Chiller Lounsbury Ken Hardie Belleisle Farms
T-Shirt and Hat Lounsbury Allan MacDonald Antigonish Old Dogs
T-Shirt and Hat Lounsbury George Fanjoy Right Spot Ice Cues
3pc Thermos set Lounsbury Doug Hicks Atlantic Mazda Leafs
Eddie Bauer Tote Bag Lounsbury Doug Hicks Atlantic Mazda Leafs
Jacket Lounsbury Lenley Adams Rusty Blades
Sachet and Tools Set Lounsbury Ralph Johnston Masters, Flames
Towel, Socks and Tape Moncton Slowpokes Scott Lewis Halifax Booze Hounds